Undergraduate Studies

There are a number of UNSW study programs majoring in oceanography and climate science available through either the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) or the School of Mathematics & Statistics. These courses include study of subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Fluid Dynamics, Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics and Physical Oceanography.

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours)-Climate Major: Program 3962
This four year program is designed for students with a strong science background who are interested in an in depth study of the earth's climate system. Students learn about the ocean, land and atmospheric processes which drive the planet's climate and how human action affects these processes, leading to changes in local and global climates. Click here for more information.

Bachelor of Science - Program 3970
Majors in Mathematics, Statistics and Physical Oceanography/Meteorology.

Climate Science Specialisation:
Climate science can be studied as a major (Climate Dynamics or Climate System Science) or can be integrated with into a range a programs as a minor. For more information, refer to the handbook.

For more information on these courses go to the UNSW Faculty of Science degrees page.

Individual Courses
If you're interested in seeing what climate science might be like, why not enroll in some of the courses that CCRC staff teach? They range from introductory level courses with no prerequisites (CLIM1001, MSCI0501) through to courses requiring physics and/or maths knowledge. They include:

To discuss your undergraduate options in climate science, please contact Dr Lisa Alexander.

Honours Information

Entry into Climate Science Honours projects is achieved by enrolling in CLIM4000 through the School of Mathematics & Statistics or the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences. If your program does not allow enrolment in CLIM4000, you can discuss arrangements for having your project supervised by a member of CCRC.

Find out more about honours projects currently being undertaken at the CCRC research topics web page. 


The University of New South Wales offers many scholarships for undergraduate, postgraduate, local and international students. Scholarships are available to students studying in all Faculties. For information on undergraduate scholarships (including honours) go to UNSW Scholarships web site.