Researchers in the CCRC are currently:

  • investigating the ability of land surface models to reproduce ecosystem carbon and water dynamics. Researchers are working closely with ecosystem-scale land-based observation teams both within Australia and internationally to integrate new streams of ecological data into land surface model parameterisation, benchmarking and evaluation. Specific areas of model development include groundwater-transpration relationships, representation of heterotrophic respiration and holistic evaluation of water and carbon fluxes in a range of diverse ecosystems globally.
  • development of marine ecosystem models to improve the representation of the marine carbon cycle in climate models
  • modelling and investigating marine ecosystems in order to better understand their likely impacts and responses to elevated CO2 concentrations and ocean acidification.
  • investigation of the past, present and future ocean carbon cycle and ecosystem-climate related feedbacks
  • studying the pathways and fate of plastics and other contaminants in the ocean, and how these build up into the great ocean garbage patches.

CCRC academic staff currently active in this area of research